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Patient lift is a nursing device that helps the disabled move without barrier, and it is used for short distance move, weighting and walking practice for the rehabilitation of the patient. Through the control button, the nursing group can easily move the patient to other place. That will greatly reduce the work intensity of the nursing group, expand the activity range and improve the life quality of the inconvenient patient.


A budget friendly solution for home care

√Accommodates slings and Body Support

√Emergency down feature

√Ergonomic handle bar provides smooth steering making it easy to maneuver

√Width adjustable base for easy positioning. Low profile chassis with easy-to-roll castors for clearance under low objects

√Extended vertical lifting range for lifting from the floor onto a high bed and for assisting with standing and ambulation where indicated

√Lifts up to 441 Lbs / 200 kg

√An integrated spreader bar for convenience and use with slings

√Compact and reliable




Technical Details


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