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At Urological Forum 2012 in Pearl River Hospital
Monday, 18 June 2012 03:49

From June 16th to 17th, 2012 Pearl-river International Hi-Tech Urological Forum & Advanced Courses of ASU was held in Pearl River hospital.

On the forum, renowned doctors from China mainland, China Taiwan disctrict, Indonesia, Signapore, Croatia etc made lectures on the treatment modality and sharing their experiences. At the same time, two days of live surgery were arranged and operating doctors sharing and discussing with attendants for mutual promotion and skills sharing. During these two days, many modalities for surgery are showed, for example. TUERP, diode laser, holmium laser, green laser, thulium laser for the treatment of BPH; holmium laser lithotripsy, ultrasound lithotripsy, mini-PCNL, EMS lithotripsy; LAP radical nephrectomy, LAP radical cystectomy ......

Our holmium laser was used for the Mini-PCNL, accompany with the aspiration system of ShenDa company. This surgery is very complicated with much purulence in kidney and other difficult situations, hard to operate, if failed it may cause patient dead. Thanks to the skilled doctor, it is very successfull.

The forum is held twice a year, a platform for communication and skill enhancing for doctors. From Chinese language only at the beginning, now gradually more English lectures and other elements are induced, becoming more international.


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