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Features and Advantages


Holmium Laser Features and Advantages:

1, Holmium is a rare element, pertains to solid-state laser, wavelength is 2.1μm, in the invisible infrared area.
2, Penetration depth only 0.5mm in tissue:
Assuring operation accuracy and safety around critical organs and blood vessels.
3, High absorption by water and tissue:
Holmium laser wavelength 2100nm, at the high absorption rate by water, with absorption coefficient of 24cm-1.As around 60-90% of biology organism is water, so holmium laser could be well absorbed by organism and take effect.
4, Good effect of coagulation:
Better for operation and healing, more safe to patients.
5, Could transmit through soft optical fiber:
It could be induced to respiratory tract, urinary tract, digestive tract, thoracic cavity, joint cavity, Uterine cavity, cranial cavity etc. through endoscope to treat the lesions, easy to operate and efficient, less complication.
6,Pulsed laser with mono duration time is 0.25ms:
Duration time far less than heat transmission time (1ms),and instantaneous crest power is up to 10KW,so it has optimal effect for incision and vaporization and could shatter even the hardest stones. Caused pulsed laser of such short duration time, it will not harm the organization around.


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